Urban Pop right from the Kitchen: “Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm”
Urban Pop right from the Kitchen: “Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm”

Urban Pop right from the Kitchen: “Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm”

The German Pop Band Kitchen Cowboys present their new CD “Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm”, a tribute to the working hero of everyday life and the perpetual struggle for fame and fortune.

There are two types of heroes: those who are famous for spectacular acts, and those who struggle to maintain through everyday life. Of these “working heroes without fame” is the new album of the Hamburg pop band Kitchen Cowboys.

Political and poetic are the songs of the new Kitchen Cowboys CD “Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm”. “Nein Danke” is a protest song about the current financial crisis and a dark call for resistance: “Nur Schafe wandern in der Herde und lassen sich zum Schlachthof führen”, it says in the song, because “wer nicht selbst denkt, denkt das Verkehrte” . “Unterm Pflaster” in turn, is a tribute to the ’68 slogan “Under the pavement is the beach: “Es liegt bei dir, du hast die Wahl, du schuftest billig oder nimmst Hartz IV”, it says in the song. But the band has also something more sunny in the program: The Kitchen Cowboy summer hit „Ans Meer“ for example celebrates the eternal summer, love and the easy life on the beach.

The songs were composed by singer/songwriter Philip Bethge. The words were written by Marianne Wellershoff. The Kitchen Cowboys, founded in Hamburg in the backyard kitchen, pack their poetry in stubborn, sensitive and at the same time powerful pop music.

“A mix of Element of Crime and Poems for Laila – an exciting mix of pop and jazz,” as judged by the magazine “Brigitte” on the last Cowboy-CD, “Glaubst Du, dass das Liebe ist?” (2006). The Hamburg City Magazine “Oxmox” awarded five stars. This time, the cowboys deliver their most mature performance: Hanseatic City-Poetry at its best.

„Alltagshelden ohne Ruhm“ – the new Kitchen Cowboys-CD, now available at Amazon, iTunes, last.fm, ReverbNation or directly on the Cowboys’ website.

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… by the Kitchen Cowboys including their hit album “Glaubst Du, dass es Liebe ist?” can be found at Amazon.com, and iTunes.

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