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Is Nuclear Power the Solution to Climate Change?

Paul Dorfman and Staffan Qvist both want to save the climate. But one of them wants to rid the world of nuclear reactors while the other wants to build more of them. We brought them together for a debate. Interview Conducted by Philip Bethge und Rafaela von Bredow Dorfman, 64, of University College London, is founder and chair […]

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Can Nuclear Power Offer a Way Out of the Climate Crisis?

Billionaires and leading researchers in the United States are developing next-generation nuclear reactors that are small, reputedly safe and suitable to modern power grids. They could be part of the climate change solution. By Philip Bethge The core of the reactor will be almost entirely filled with nuclear waste, which is a great way of […]

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Undeterred by Fukushima: Nuclear Lobby Pushes Ahead with New Reactors

One year after the reactor accident in Fukushima, resistance to nuclear energy is growing around the world. But the atomic industry continues to push for the construction of new reactors, primarily in emerging economies. The German government even wants to support that expansion — despite the fact it has abandoned nuclear power back home. By SPIEGEL Staff. […]

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Jonathan Schell: ‘Our Illusion Is that We Can Control Nuclear Energy’

In a SPIEGEL interview, peace activist and author Jonathan Schell discusses the lessons of the Fukushima disaster, mankind’s false impression that it can somehow safely produce electricity from the atom, and why he thinks the partial meltdown in Japan could mark a turning point for the world. SPIEGEL: Mr. Schell, what unsettled you the most […]

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Mushroom Clouds and Everpresent Danger: Surviving Cameramen Recall Nuclear Test Shots

By 1963, the United States had detonated more than 200 nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. Cameramen and photographers working for a secret special unit recorded the acts of destruction. Some of their sensational images have been declassified, and the last remaining eyewitnesses are now sharing their experiences. (-> VIDEO at SPIEGEL ONLINE) The atomic missile […]

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