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What the Coronavirus Does Inside the Body

SARS-CoV-2 does much more damage to the human body than initially assumed. It can attack any number of organs and even penetrates the brain. But why do some people experience worse symptoms than others? By Philip Bethge The pathogen has already done a fair bit of damage. It has only been five days since the […]

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Can Nuclear Power Offer a Way Out of the Climate Crisis?

Billionaires and leading researchers in the United States are developing next-generation nuclear reactors that are small, reputedly safe and suitable to modern power grids. They could be part of the climate change solution. By Philip Bethge The core of the reactor will be almost entirely filled with nuclear waste, which is a great way of […]

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‘Never Good News Having Particles in Your Brain’

Microplastics are everywhere, but nobody really knows what dangers they might present once they enter the human body. British toxicologist Rosemary Waring warns our oceans will be inundated with the stuff. Interview Conducted by Philip Bethge DER SPIEGEL: Plastic contamination of the environment seems to have reached epidemic levels. Of particular concern are tiny microplastic […]

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Herbicide Health Dangers: Monsanto Faces Blowback Over Cancer Cover-Up

A release of internal emails has revealed that U.S. agrochemical giant Monsanto manipulated studies of the company’s herbicide, Roundup. Experts believe the product causes cancer – and the consequences for the company could be dire. Some companies’ reputations are so poor that the public already has low expectations when it comes to their ethics and […]

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SPIEGEL-Gespräch an der Uni: Wie schlimm steht es um die Ozeane?

Der Mensch beutet die Meere aus, warnen Umweltschützer. Doch wie sehr – und wie lange noch? SPIEGEL-Redakteur Philip Bethge diskutiert darüber an der Uni Kiel mit einem Greenpeace- und einem Fischerei-Experten. Die Ozeane stehen unter enormem Druck. Rund 4,6 Millionen Fischerboote machen weltweit Jagd auf Meeresbewohner aller Art. Über 80 Millionen Tonnen Meeresgetier ziehen Fischer jährlich […]

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Angriff auf die Natur

Warum der Vater von Boris Johnson gut ist für Europas Umwelt Ein Kommentar von Philip Bethge, DER SPIEGEL 27/2016 Die Bri­ten ha­ben ja recht: Manch­mal nervt die EU wirk­lich. Der­zeit zum Bei­spiel will Brüs­sel die Na­tur­schutz­richt­li­ni­en auf­wei­chen. Eu­ro­pa ist von ei­nem Netz aus 27 000 Schutz­ge­bie­ten über­zo­gen, das in Deutsch­land zum Bei­spiel Gelb­bau­chun­ke, Luchs, Schweins­wal, […]

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