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‘Little Princess’ and the Bird Flu Mysteries: Tracking the Spread of Avian Influenza

When bird flu reached Turkey, experts thought it was carried from Russia by migrating geese or ducks. So when wild birds migrate to Germany this spring, will they bring the disease with them? Not necessarily, say scientists. Michael Kaatz, who works for a stork reserve in the eastern German city of Loburg, can see the headlines now: “Little Princess Brings Bird […]

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Rentiere in Flammen

Wie gefährlich ist Weihnachten? Sehr! Von verletzten Seelen und Drogen im Lebkuchen ist zu berichten. Selbst Weihnachtsmann und Christkind bleiben nicht verschont. Von Philip Bethge Der Weihnachtsmann ist tot. Er verglühte bei dem Versuch, alle 378 Millionen Christen-Kinder der Erde binnen eines Tages zu beschenken. Ein Schlitten, gezogen von 214 200 Rentieren, beladen mit 321 […]

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Brown Bears in the Alps: The Great Bear Comeback

The brown bear is returning to the mountains of Central Europe, thanks to resettlement projects in Italy, Austria and France. Biologists celebrate the animals’ return as a success in endangered species protection. But the general population has mixed feelings about welcoming back the predator. By Philip Bethge It was Christina Kröll’s dog which showed the […]

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The Plague: Locusts Swarm Europe

For months, vast swarms of locusts have been buzzing through Africa, eating everything in sight. Now, they have reached European shores. Can the plague be stopped? By Philip Bethge It was like deja vu, a flashback to that all-too-familiar invasion of feathered-friends from Hitchcock’s thriller “The Birds.” The difference: this time, the attackers had four […]

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