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Warum das vollautonome Auto gar nicht erst entwickelt werden sollte Ein Kommentar von Philip Bethge, DER SPIEGEL 26/2016 Es könn­te bald Au­tos ge­ben, die un­ter be­stimm­ten Be­din­gun­gen voll­au­to­ma­tisch ent­schei­den, Fuß­gän­ger zu über­fah­ren. Möch­ten Sie in ei­nem sol­chen Auto sit­zen? Ich nicht. Das Sze­na­rio ist kei­nes­wegs so ab­surd, wie es klingt. For­scher der Uni­ver­si­tä­ten Tou­lou­se und […]

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Oozing Biofuel: Algae Could Solve World’s Fuel Crisis

Genetically modified blue and green algae could be the answer to the world’s fuel problems. Bioengineers have already developed algae that produce ethanol, oil and even diesel — and the only things the organisms need are sunlight, CO2 and seawater. Biochemist Dan Robertson’s living gas stations have the dark-green shimmer of oak leaves and are […]

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Jump-Starting the E-Car Revolution: New Mercedes Has Tesla Technology Under the Hood

Mercedes and Toyota are bringing new electric cars onto the market that rely on technology from the Californian automaker Tesla. The startup company, whose sports cars already have a cult following in Hollywood, has pioneered the use of laptop batteries in electric autos. Experts considered the idea of using laptop computer batteries to power a […]

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