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A Future of Self-Surveillance? Tech Pioneers Track Bodily Functions Day and Night

Using smartphone apps and sensors, high tech pioneers are monitoring their own bodily functions such as heart rates, sleep patterns and blood. The ‘self trackers’ dream of a digitalized medicine that will enable people to lead healthier lives by getting around-the-clock updates on what goes on inside their bodies By Philip Bethge Larry Smarr’s large intestine appears to float […]

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A Passion for Bigfoot: Hiking the Redwoods with California’s ‘Squatchers’

Amateur researchers in the United States continue to eagerly search for the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot, staking out California’s redwood forests at night in their hunt for the elusive beast. Despite many claimed sightings, the existence of Sasquatch has never been proven. Yet that hasn’t stopped the obsessed from pursuing his giant footprints. The plaintive […]

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Nathan Myhrvold: ‘Culinary History Has To Be Analyzed Like Art History’

In a SPIEGEL interview, inventor and chef Nathan Myhrvold, the author of the new book “Modernist Cuisine,” discusses the deployment of laboratory equipment in the kitchen, the preparation of the perfect cheeseburger and the practice of hyperdecanting — using a blender to serve wine. SPIEGEL: Mr. Myhrvold, what is wrong with the ordinary French fry? […]

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Technology Pioneer David Gelernter: ‘Love Is Beyond Watson’

What does Watson’s Jeopardy victory tell us? Not much, says David Gelernter, the computer science pioneer and Yale professor. SPIEGEL spoke with Gelernter about the prospects of achieveing artifically-created consciousness and the belief that eternal life can be secured on a hard drive. SPIEGEL: Dr. Gelernter, the American journalist Ambrose Bierce described the word we […]

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‘People are basically good’: Twitter-Founder Biz Stone on the networks revolutionary power

Isaac “Biz” Stone, 36, reportedly set up Twitter with his buddy Jack Dorsey in only two weeks in 2006. Meanwhile, the Network has over 175 million users worldwide. Q: Mr. Stone, the movie „The Social Network“ depicts how Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg bullied his way to be the youngest billionaire of all times. Would it be […]

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