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Interview with Edward O. Wilson on Human Evolution and the Origin of Morals

American sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson is championing a controversial new approach for explaining human evolution and the origins of virtue and sin. In an interview, the world-famous ant reseacher explains why he believes the inner struggle is the characteristic trait of human nature. By Philip Bethge and Johann Grolle Edward O. Wilson doesn’t come across […]

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Oliver Sacks (© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons)

‘Starfish, Daisies and Raying Purple Forms’: Oliver Sacks on the Wonder of Sight

In a SPIEGEL interview, New York neurologist and author Oliver Sacks discusses his new book, “The Mind’s Eye,” which explores how creative people compensate for their sight disorders or blindness. He also discusses his own “face blindness,” which makes it difficult to recognize people. (–> photo-gallery OPTICAL ILLUSIONS) SPIEGEL: Dr. Sacks, five years ago, you were diagnosed with a […]

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Die Musik-Formel

Lieder können zu Tränen rühren und Massen in Ekstase treiben. Wie ist das möglich? Forscher entschlüsseln, wie sich physikalische Schwingungen in Gefühle verwandeln – und wie die rätselhafteste aller Künste einst entstanden ist. Machte erst die Musik den Menschen zum sozialen Wesen? Von Philip Bethge, SPIEGEL 31/2003 Johann Sebastian Bach wird überdauern. Selbst wenn ewiges […]

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