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Interview with Edward O. Wilson on Human Evolution and the Origin of Morals

American sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson is championing a controversial new approach for explaining human evolution and the origins of virtue and sin. In an interview, the world-famous ant reseacher explains why he believes the inner struggle is the characteristic trait of human nature. By Philip Bethge and Johann Grolle Edward O. Wilson doesn’t come across […]

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Preservation in a Petri Dish: Scientists Hope Cloning Will Save Endangered Animals

Biotechnicians want to use cloning to save endangered species, but they are having only limited success. Critics say that the push toward a new era of wildlife conservation trivializes extinction and funding would be better spent on preserving animal habitats. By Philip Bethge A number of times each week, Martha Gómez creates new life. Today, […]

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Oil palm plantation, PNG

Papua New Guinea’s Royal Trophy: Are Collectors Key to Saving Giant Butterfly?

Papua New Guinea is home to the world’s largest butterfly, but oil palm plantations are threatening the rare species’ habitat. Conservationists and local residents alike would like to save the species by lifting a ban on trade in the butterfly and selling it for thousands of dollars to collectors. By Philip Bethge The butterfly’s silhouette […]

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A Passion for Bigfoot: Hiking the Redwoods with California’s ‘Squatchers’

Amateur researchers in the United States continue to eagerly search for the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot, staking out California’s redwood forests at night in their hunt for the elusive beast. Despite many claimed sightings, the existence of Sasquatch has never been proven. Yet that hasn’t stopped the obsessed from pursuing his giant footprints. The plaintive […]

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Help for the Disabled: Trained Monkeys Proving Trusty Companions for Those in Need

Specially-trained Capuchin monkeys in the US are helping physically disabled people with the housework by performing tasks such as removing garbage, fetching the telephone or switching on the microwave. The furry companions are also helping paraplegics cope with loneliness. It’s her small hands that make Minnie especially useful. Hairy and slender, with slim fingers and […]

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The Twilight Saga: Duck-billed Platypuses are Shift Workers

If you are a male duck-billed platypus, all that matters is what the other guys do. Strategies to handle the competition are far more variable then previously thought. In a new paper in the Journal of Mammalogy, Philip Bethge and colleagues from the University of Tasmanias’ Department of Zoology report, that duck-billed platypuses use a […]

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Die Geister des Urwalds

In der Karibik versuchen Biologen, den giftigen Schlitzrüssler zu retten. Der Säuger zählt zu den seltensten Arten der Erde. Dass er bislang überhaupt überlebt hat, grenzt an ein Wunder. Von Philip Bethge Im Stockdunkeln schwärmen die Häscher aus. Gerüstet mit Kevlar-Handschuhen und Stirnlampen verschwinden die beiden Männer in der Nacht. Stundenlang ist nur noch das […]

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